RainRain dont go away.

People always want rain to go away for there own selfish reasons. "Rain, your ruining my hair!!@$@^&" "Rain I don't know how to drive in you!" "Rain my outfit is not good for you!" Ummm excuse me people the rain is good for the plants and what not...after all I live in L.A., sunny side central. Well today before the rain struck I went to the beach.Haha. Venice Beach to be more specific. I grew up there. Every Sat. my dad would wake me up early and we would head to Venice beach just to walk around.Now, we go for incense from the "Jamaican Maans." While the tiny droplets came running down my face..I stood there, and waited for my mom to figure out how to work my camera.

Blue mood. Top under the shirt from Vintage store. Shirt-My moms, Belt-vintage, Phannypack-thrifted down, Jeans-hollister, Shoes-Chuck Taylors.

Lakerwinnerfangirl818. My Friend Carla said that I didn't have enough pictures of my self-my whole point of making a weardrobe? Anyways soo I decided to dress my self in something totally crazy. Sweater-express, Shirt-my daddy's, Skirt that you cant see-forever21, tights-express, boots-wanted shoes.com, and scarf acting as a belt is vintage. XD

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