The idea struck me.

I never realized how much I loved shoes? Trust me in about a year or two my closet is going to be filled with pumps. Ever noticed that I always start a sentence with a question? HA. Well like they always say..."Shoes are a girls best friend." Yea, well I'm living that reality right now. Although my dad wont buy me any. He states, he needs to save money for my guitar lessons. LOL. I tell him its for the sake of my blog. :) "Hear that dad!" Well the shoes I'm showing now are...KronKron Shoes. There gorgeous I know. They go with just about anything, any outfit. Umm whats the next holiday? O yea, valentines day. "Dad, if you love me, you will get these for me for valentines day! <3" See what I put on my dad? The shoes on the Left, right, middle, down left, way down left, right down, down right allot, middle middle and the rest...I want ALL of them! :]
This shoe struck me the most. Little innocent colors.
These are the newest KronKron shoes..adorable they are, I know. The first one reminds, me of a Jimmy Chue shoe, the character "Andrea" had to wear in the movie the "Devil Wears Prada"
Did you know, that they now sell "Jimmy Chue" shoes at h&m? Its OK, its safe to shop there now. Phhussh, thank god..because I love that store..somewhat.

I love this photo, simply because i have that same jacket they show on the red headed girl. I love the fact they have my jacket, since now it will be easier to pick a kronkron shoe out. I have inspiration.


I got this photo off of the "Lookbook" on "Weardrobe.com," you know the account I started, and failed at, since I'm sick and cant take any photos. Well I toke a few and got some compliments! That must count for something!

Same girl.

This outfit, reminds me of when i was little and in pre-school..with the synthetic ugly "kid-friendly" cheap designed carpet. Not that this outfit is ugly..at all. I'm saying it takes allot to make the most horrible memorable experience and to turn it into something better, that is a gift.
It makes her look like a little girl. But in a very elegant way. Ugh never thought I'd say the word, "elegant" it reminds me of the queen of England. But in fact that queen is very hip..no indeed she is! She got Lady Gaga to perform for her! As well as, Mariah Carey, Eminem, and who else? I cant remember. But it was funny since Lady Gaga was said to be wearing a leotard, pumps, and had a heart on her lips, and eyes. :/ Gotta love her right?

Very happy! As I was digging through the clothes pile on my chair, I found my long lost, dress which has a very pretty embroidered flow to it, as well as a strong puffy shoulder. My favorite!
Much like the blazer on this girl..but not really.

This girl was on the lookbook aswell.

This dress reminded me of the dress i got for my friends Batmitzfah.

i adore the velvet black dress and the colors on the tights, as well as the kronkron shoes! Duh!

The End. Please comment, and fallow me!


  1. samantha, I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before!! Shoes are like Crack to me....so needless to say I'm now following you:) Thank you so much for stopping by!