Help yourself.

First off, this title inspired me from my favorite song that i have played over 20 times and still amazingly not gotten tired of.

"Help yourself" by Sad brad smith.

Help yourself, but by helping you i mean, the people that surround you.

Easy ways to help the world.

Donate-At any aeropostale store bring any brand of gently worn jeans between Jan 19 and Feb 14 and you'll get 25% off your purchase of aero jeans. get details at teensforjeans.com

Donate- any type of clothing to a local homeless shelter, so spread the word!

Help "yourself" tip. got thease fallowing tips from seventeen magazine.

Clean out your closet- when oyur closet is a mess, it's easy to forget about those leggings you bought last fall or assume you lost that sweater you used to love-so you wind up re-buying things you dont need! you'll save over $300 dollars a year! (i personally think thats not possible to lose $300 dollars of clothes, more like out grow..but whatever! still a good tip to stay organized!)

You dont get free rewards!
With so many stores offering freebies and discounts for coustomers who sign up for "membership" cards, your basically throwing away money by not cashing in their jucy bonuses!

You use random ATMs for cash!!!!#$$%^^^*$$%$#
When you go to an ATM that is not your bank's you get slapped with a fee of around $2. That's about $4 per withdrawal down the drain! (noticed how put explmation marks after all of thease? :)

You have a messy wallet!
If your wallet is jaimed with receipts (why does that word have a "p" in it? ever noticed?) cash, and coupons, you lose out three ways : you miss out on refunds (because your receipts get all mixed up) ; you end up short on cash-or taking out more money then you really need (who tracks their cash when its wadded up? ) (not me..pshh) ; and you miss out on discounts (your coupons go unused-and then expire. :/ (iKnow plenty of this, well not me because im a very organized person and i keep EVERY SINGLE receipt and when i get home i put it in a box and my coupons i keep in a special pocket of my wallet) Trust me my mom, would lose money left and right and like a week later she would say "Hey! i found $5 bucks in my wallet!" "no mom, u lost $5 bucks a week agao..memmber?"

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