Hey, It's been a while and after this post it might be another while longer.
Ive been busy with excuses such as TESS, TESTS, TESTS !
Well ever so often I look on the Cobra snakes web page.
And look through almost every album.
I found this one album "Stolen Girlfriend's" and it's obviously set at a runway show.
I'm not entirely clear as to who the designer was? But the only clue of logos I got was Bazaar and Vitamin water? If you know, please tell me.
Well since I have been busy studying and stuff.
I had to read 30 long but very interesting/fascinating pages in the thick..ughh..history book.
You know the subject that is all about lectures, and headaches and reenactments but still FUN-tertaining. Not.
Although I am fairly well in this subject, but anyway, my point was that I was reading about the Oregon trail and Alamo.
In the Oregon trail in the 1800's it was considered fashionable to wear beaver skinned hats.
I also learned about women's rights, which makes me so frustrated to listen too, about how men treated women like dogs. We made them, ugh.
Don't get me started. *Humf!*
Anyway I learned about this picture that was pretty famous.
It was of a women tugging jeans away from her mate.
Women wear not aloud to wear jeans, only dresses and long skirts.
It was considered UN-classy and rude of a women to think of her self as smart, or to go to college or even vote! But what I like about this runway selection is that to me, in one of the pictures there is a women in flashy jeans, posed in a confident posture making it seem like "ha, I'm a girl, and I have the right to vote, to go to college, and to wear JEANS."
Sounds kinda stupid, eh?
I don't think so. But its my opinion and view but other then that I like the selection, although the tacky orange fake crocodile skin looks like something the kids in spy kids and shark boy and lava girl would wear-EW.

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