My baby is gone.

I know I'm on vacation from my blog (air quotes) but id like to make a tribute to my baby, my dog.

March 20th, 2010 my pug/Chihuahua was very sick.
Suffering from:
diabetes, cushing's disease and pancreatitis.
Lily was not like most dogs, she didn't fetch, chase dogs, balls or any object.

She didn't like to walk either, but she did anyway.
She was patient and tolerant, and I would pick her up, chase her, scare her (playing of coarse) and nauseate her and she wouldn't snap.
Lily would always protect our family, and guard the door.
When I would walk in the door I would always be greeted by her.

when I walk in the house, I don't have lily there to come and great me, I walk in the door and theres a glow of emptiness and sorrow, its depressing and time is slow, and any inspiration or happiness has been evaporated into thin air and theres no color.

I know Lily is in a better place (or should I say a good place, because a better place would be in my arms, like usual.) They say all animals have a passing time, and when they do pass, they float in animal heaven called, rainbow bridge.
And I'm sure that's where Lily is, looking over us, protecting us like the angel she is.
I hope she is happy, and pain free.
She was a great dog, and oh, boy I have so many great memories of her, and always will.
My throat is tired, and my eyes are weak form crying.
And I taste blood, from weeping and screaming.
Because, what I don't get is as to why, the worst things happen to the most sweetest and deserving people/pets?
I haven't been able to sleep, since I cant stop thinking about where my darlings body goes, after they put her to sleep.
If any one knows the answer, it will be answering my prayers.
Please, tell me, tell me so I can get a good nights sleep.
And if its somewhere bad, I'll walk a million miles to make sure that those people don't through her body in a dumpster.

Lily, rest in paradise, rest in rainbow bridge.
I will always love you my sweet darling my, poopers.


  1. I'm so sorry about your dog! she looked lovely! I cannot imagine my life without my little one! hope all is well, and keep up with your great blog!

  2. i'm really sorry. really, really sorry.