PS. If I could, o baby..I would.

Well finally I got my January issue for seventeen magazine. Urgg I am so mad! Why? Because I am at the midst of that overwhelming feeling when you have to do a bunch of stuff at once but at the same time your in a lazy daisy mood? Ever feel that way? Well so as I was reading the magazine they picked out style choices that mock the real designer stuff. One of the choices was "mixed prints" and in small italic lettering it said "Inspired by Proenza Schouler" and had a picture of a model on the runway. I personally love this style. I never really knew who Proenza Schouler was before but, now I feel like I need to find some way to earn a thousand dollars to get some pieces by him. Well there's this blogger, named Tavi and she has the most unique style of all. I saw a picture of her with a Proenza Shouler top on in teen vogue (I think it was the November issue). Since Proenza Shouler;s name is so long and difficult I'm going to call him Ps. (Get it?)

One thing about my style is that its never specific, my style may change depending on my mood, but its always my own, I love Tavi's unique style and sometimes I try to channel her vibe and not follow labels or trends.

Honey, if I had this shirt...boy, would I be happy. And if I could afford it, trust me I would get it.

I would.

I try not to be shallow and say, things make me happy.

But they just do. Things cant hurt you like a person can. (That was a cheesy line from confessions of a shopaholic.) :]

"The best things in life aren't things" I'm guessing this quote refers to family. What if people don't have family's like London Tipton, from suit life of Zack and Cody.

Wow, I cant believe I used that as an example...

PS. Died Cotton candy hair is good, and Delicious and the spell check hates every body's name.
Oh, and if you are ever in the need for a really good fashion photographer contact my friend and neighbor, Steven.
PPS. The lousy photos that I post are not by him, just in case your wondering. Haha.


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