My momma say's, "Life's a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get."

Well today I had lots of plans, but they magically got canceled. All of them. So while I was bored I went to the mall to look for UGG boot cleaner and ran into a couple dresses. One of the dresses had embroidered shoulders and the other was Lacy and then this one was striped. My dad was parting with the striped and I wanted the embroidered shoulder one, but instead I did the dumb thing and sided with my dad. So I got the striped dress and i'm not so sure I like it.
Sometimes I wish I had my own personal taxi driver that would take me where ever when ever.
The dress I got from H&M I'm still doubting. I might return it. What do you think of it? Its a little big and because of the sheer type material its hard to belt it with out, the belt going everywhere. I'm so excited for tonight, because my parents and I are going out to dinner to this yummy restaurant. Mmm.


and Happy Valintines day!