The world is a sphere

Today, i walked 2 miles with my dog, just so i could walk into a vet. clinic and have them tell me it costs $68 for a visit with the doc. well i decided to be my own doctor, for the poor helpless patient..i mean dog in front of me. I put a little round thing on her heart connected to a tuby that went in my ears so i could hear her heart beat...it didn't work out, under all that flab there is a heart in my dog...somewhere. I had my white lab coat on with a sheer scarf yellow,red,white,and navy blue hooks on it. A Chanel gold necklace, and white flare high waisted pants, A navy colored shirt...all professional and stuff.

I couldn't bare look at my dog, nor-look how expensive the world suddenly turned into.Just say'n.

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