THE GREAT Alexander McQueen.

These shoe's are wild..poor models :/ I personally think this is a work of art, but if its exposed wrong people might turn it into a joke, simply a piece for there mermaid costume during Halloween. Sorry great Alex. If you saw my older post, i said that "Lady Gaga" wore these in her music video "Bad Romance."

I like the one on the far left, and the one in the middle....but the shoe on the right looks, seriously like mermaid scales

I really like the yellow dress in the middle, what could be a better summer outfit.

This is simply a beautiful piece, but as well all know runway outfits are exaggerated, and when they come out in stores, they never look as luminous and perfect
as on the runway.

But by far i love his collection.

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  1. McQueen designed every single outfit in bad romance now that shit was amazing art i think he is bomb butt i love chanel