Today i saw the movie the "Invictus" and it was about Nelson Mandela and rugby. And as i was searching for ideas on fashion websites, i ran into a new "RALPH LOREN" caps lock and qoutes because he is an honered designer, and he came out with a new line called "Rugby" reader, if your out there...can you anwer my question..."Is this on purpose?"

Well anyway in the middle of the movie two ladies where in the slums, of South Africa giving away free clothes to the basic child in need. Reader if you have any clothes to donate, its very important you dont donate to goodwill, simply because theres better childrens organizations out there that need it more.

The film was great, it was directed by Clent Eastwood. As i observed the game rugby is terrifying and scary! As the players walk out into the stadium filled with people in there white bottie shorts, knowing that the grass will stain them, and the clean white material will, be black and green at the end, a perfect match for the jerseys.

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