All the things you need to know about colors.


Things You'll Need:
Knowledge of your complexion and eye/hair color
Step 1
DEEP (Vivid color)Color range: Medium to Deep, such as Navy blue, deep brown, blue, purple, charcoal gray, emerald green, mahogany, deep merlot, etc.Best for Skin Types: Beige, olive, & bronze, brown.Best for Hair Color: Black, dark brown, chestnut, auburnBest for Eye Color: Deep-brown, black/brown, hazel, rich green, olive green.
Step 2
LIGHT (Soft/Fair coloring)Color Range: Medium to light/almost pastel, such as navy gray, blue-green, turquoise, cocoa, light/medium blue, coral pink, light/medium pink or orange.Best for Skin Types: Ivory to Soft beige, pink, peachy complexions.Best for Hair Color: Light to dark blond, ash blond, golden blond, strawberry blond. (The blonds)Best for Eye Color: Blue, blue-green, green, and aqua.
Step 3
BRIGHT (Contrast to color of hair/skin tone)Color Range: Clear primary colors like true red, green and blue. Also: aqua, violet, bright pink, periwinkle. Best for Skin Types: Ivory, porcelain, beige, as well as deep/dark brown.Best for Hair Color: Medium/dark ash brown, golden brown, black.Best for Eye Color: Bright and clear blue, green, turquoise, steel gray.
Step 4
MUTED (Neutral)Color Range: Soft, blended shades including rose-brown, blue-green, salmon, rust, watermelon, medium green, warm pink.Best for Skin Types: Ivory, beige, bronze, golden. If you love your freckles too, these are colors for you.Best for Hair Color: Medium ash brown to dark ash blond.Best for Eye Color: Gray-green, hazel, brown-green, brown, dark green.
Step 5
WARM (Golden Glow)Color Range: Those that reflect a golden tone, i.e. beige, peach, yellow, warm red, golden brown, camel, moss gree.Best for Skin Types: Golden beige, ivory, bronze, caramel. Again, will compliment freckles.Best for Hair Color: Medium blond or brown with gold, red or strawberry highlightsBest for Eye Color: Warm green, hazel, brown, topaz, blue-green, teal.
Step 6
COOL (Softer look)Color Range: Those that reflect a gray or bluish tone, like plum, lavender, burgundy, pink, less saturated blue-greens. Best for Skin Types: Beige, pink, dark, caramel.Best for Hair Color: Ash blond-brown. Dark.Best for Eye Color: Cool/light brown, gray, grey-blue/brown.
Step 7
Remember that there are NEUTRALS that look good on pretty much anyone like Black, white, gray, navy, charcoal, etc. This means they can be worn by anybody with style. Also, remember that playing with color is fun! And you shouldn’t feel tied to ONE limited palette. And I’m so sorry, but if you feel un-represented by any of the above categories, don’t feel hopeless! Wear colors that you feel comfortable in and ask people their opinion!

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